Inspire 2 system

images created 11/15/23
This DJI Inspire 2 system including the Zenmuse X4S and a 4 pair (8) battery charging unit for sale. Contact me for particulars at if you are interested. I am 14 CFR Part 107 FAA sUAS Certified.

Entire system: $3450 ($600 discount for both) – investment new: $7,300+
* DJI Inspire 2, Zenmuse X4S camera, Polar Pro ND filters, primary & secondary flight controllers, 8 (4 pairs) batteries, and other drone components (not including the DJI Battery Station for TB50 Intelligent Battery Charger): $3250
* DJI Battery Station for TB50 Intelligent Battery Charger: $800

Including both a primary and secondary Intelligent controller allows a pilot to operate the drone using the FPV camera while a DP captures footage via the Zenmuse camera. A skilled single operator can do it all if the secondary controller is not in use.

Description and original costs of the included components here.