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DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
BH: $2,899.00

Key Features
Compatible with 5.2K Gimbal Cameras
CineCore 2.0 Image Processing
Supports CinemaDNG and ProRes Recording
Dual-Battery Design
Accelerates to 50 mph in 4 Seconds
58 mph Maximum Velocity
Advanced Obstacle Sensing
2-Axis Stabilized FPV Camera

DJI’s magnesium-aluminum-clad Inspire 2 Quadcopter is a powerful cinematic and photographic tool. Combining the Inspire 2 with the separately available X4S and X5S gimbal cameras yields cinema-grade images, which can be recorded in high bit rates using H.264 and H.265 formats, or, in the case of the X5R, various flavors of Apple ProRes and CinemaDNG raw using the required licenses available from DJI. All the recording functionality is processed by the Inspire 2’s CineCore 2.0 image processing engine.

Not all the power to be found in the Inspire 2 is in the recording functionality. DJI beefed up the flight capabilities of the Inspire 2. Able to accelerate to 50 mph in 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 58 mph, the Inspire 2 can follow fast-moving subjects for dramatic sports and action footage. The flight prowess of the Inspire 2 doesn’t come at the expense of battery life. With the two included LiPo batteries onboard, up to 27 minutes of flight time can be had on a full charge.

Advanced obstacle avoidance has also made its way to the Inspire 2. Built into DJI’s FlightAutonomy system, objects in front of, below, and above the quadcopter can be detected and avoided automatically. The Inspire 2 can even remember flight paths in case of an emergency return-to-home without GPS enabled. What’s more, using the onboard 2-axis stabilized FPV camera, the pilot can navigate the Inspire 2 without being limited to the gimbal camera’s field-of-view.

Everything you need to set up your Inspire 2 is included. Two batteries with a charger, an all-new transmitter controller, extra propellers, a calibration plate, and a carrying case to store and transport everything.

Advanced Obstacle Sensing
Forward and downward vision systems enable the Inspire 2 to detect obstacles up to 30 meters ahead, allowing for protected flight at up to 34 mph at a controllable attitude angle of 25°. Upward-facing infrared sensors scan obstacles 16′ above, adding protection when flying in enclosed spaces. Obstacle-sensing systems are active during normal flight, RTH, and all Intelligent Flight Modes.

Spotlight Pro
Spotlight Pro is a powerful tracking mode that allows even single pilots to capture complex, dramatic images. It uses advanced, visual-tracking algorithms to lock onto a subject during flight, regardless of the direction that the Inspire 2 flies, creating shots that would once have required a dedicated camera operator. If the gimbal comes close to reaching its rotation limits, the Inspire 2 itself will rotate in the same direction without affecting flight control or the shot being captured to free up gimbal movement.

Spotlight Pro has two shooting modes: Quick Mode and Composition Mode. In Quick Mode, select an object to begin tracking. In Composition Mode, select the subject and the tracking position. When the subject enters the preset tracking position, press the shortcut to begin tracking. The gimbal can be moved during shooting for composition adjustments. Spotlight Pro is available in all Intelligent Flight Modes including ActiveTrack, TapFly, Waypoint and Point of Interest.

The 2-axis onboard FPV camera separates the flight view from the main camera view, effectively giving the Inspire 2 a dedicated “tap-to-fly” camera. Tap a point onscreen in the FPV view to set a flight route and the Inspire 2 will automatically fly along that route, leaving the pilot to focus on gimbal movement.

The ActiveTrack Mode allows the Inspire 2 to recognize a range of objects, from people to bikes to cars to boats. Tracking profiles that can be adjusted based on the subject being tracked means greater tracking precision.

Smart Return Home
Forward and downward vision systems allow the Inspire 2 to create a real-time map of its flight route as it flies. If the video transmission system signal is lost and Smart Return Home is enabled, it is able to fly home along its original route and change to a straight line when it regains a signal. As it returns, it will use the primary camera to identify obstacles as far as 200m in front, allowing it to plan a safe route home. It is also able to reconnect more quickly after losing connection.

Video Transmission System
The Inspire 2 features DJI’s Lightbridge technology. This iteration has an effective transmission distance of up to 4.3 miles (under ideal conditions) and is capable of delivering both 1080p/720p video as well as the FPV view to pilot and camera operator. Users can also switch between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz control frequencies to avoid interference for greater signal stability.

Master and Slave setups are also supported. The master controller can transmit an HD video signal to the slave controller up to 300′ away without image quality loss.

Broadcast Mode
Broadcasters can broadcast direct from the Inspire 2 using its dedicated 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal. Aerial live-streaming direct to TV is as simple as connecting the Inspire 2 transmitter to the satellite truck.

Powerful Flight Performance
The propulsion system can thrust the Inspire 2 up to 58 mph and allows for descents at up to 29 feet-per-second and ascents at up to 19 feet-per-second. It can accelerate from 0 to 50 mph in just four seconds and flies at a max attitude angle of 40°. The two controller sticks on the transmitter are tuned for more sensitivity, making delicate maneuvers easier.

Dual Battery Design
Dual batteries mean that, if a problem occurs on one battery, the other is able to continue flight long enough for a safe landing. At the same time, the Inspire 2 propulsion system is driven a PWM signal with serial port signal redundancy so that if PWM signals are lost, transmission will continue through the serial port.


DJI Zenmuse X4S Camera
BH: $549.00

Key Features
20MP 1″ Sensor / 4K at 60 fps
8.8mm / f/2.8-11 84° FOV
Maximum ISO of 12,800
11.6 Stops of Dynamic Range
H.264 / H.265 100 Mbps
Fast AF
3-Axis Gimbal
Lens Shutter

DJI CP.ZM.000497 Overview
The DJI Zenmuse X4S is a powerful camera featuring a 20MP, 1″ sensor and maximum ISO of 12,800. Dynamic range is increased from the Zenmuse X3 by 1 stop, and signal to noise ratio and sensitivity are increased by 1.5 stops for next-level image quality.

The Zenmuse X4S uses a DJI-designed compact lens with low dispersion and low distortion 24mm equivalent prime lens. This 84° POV, high-resolution lens makes the Zenmuse X4S as powerful during aerial imaging as it is on the ground. Combined with CineCore 2.0, the Inspire 2’s powerful image processing system, it can record 4K/60 H.264 and 4K/30 H.265 videos at a 100Mbps bit-rate, and oversample 5.2K video in real-time, capturing fine image details.


PolarPro Cinema Series Shutter Collection ND8, ND16 & ND32 Filters for DJI Zenmuse X4S Camera (Set of 3)
BH: $99.99


Secondary DJI Remote Controller for Inspire 2 Quadcopter
BH: $459.00

Key Features
2.4 & 5.8 GHz Transmitter
Lightbridge Technology
Switch Between Control Frequencies
Pre-Configured for Inspire 2
Transmission Range Up to 4.6 Miles
Battery Charging & Configuration via USB
Master-Slave Mode
Broadcast Mode

This Remote Controller from DJI is designed for use with your Inspire 2 quadcopter. Like the transmitter that shipped with your Inspire 2 quad, this controller uses DJI Lightbridge technology and has an effective transmission distance of up to 4.6 miles. It’s capable of delivering both 1080p and 720p video, as well as FPV video, to either the pilot or camera operator. The Remote Controller can switch between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz control frequencies, allowing users to cut through noise for greater signal stability.

Master-Slave Mode
The Inspire 2 Remote Controller also supports master-slave functionality. The master controller can transmit video to a slave controller up to 330′ away without loss of image quality.
Broadcast Mode
Broadcasters can broadcast direct from the Inspire 2 using its dedicated 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal. Aerial live-streaming direct to TV can be achieved by connecting the Inspire 2 remote controller to the satellite truck.


Go Professional Cases Hard Case for DJI Inspire 2 (Travel Mode)
BH: $360
Transport Inspire 2 in travel mode with accessories


6 add’l – DJI TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery for Inspire 2 Quadcopter
BH: $179 ($1074)

Key Features
Replacement Battery for Inspire 2 Quad
Compatible with Ronin 2 Gimbal
4280mAh Capacity
Yields up to 27 Minutes of Flight Time
Built-In Self-Heating System

The DJI TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery is a replacement battery for your Inspire 2 quadcopter and is also compatible with the Ronin 2 gimbal. Like the battery that came with your Inspire 2, this is a 4280mAh, lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery that yields between 25 and 27 minutes of flight time, depending on conditions and which Zenmuse system you use.

In addition to enhanced flight time, the Intelligent Flight Battery uses a built-in 70W self-heating system capable of heating itself to 41°F every minute. This self-heating function can be enabled either automatically or manually. The management unit constantly monitors battery status, making all information, including battery level and battery temperature, easily visible in the DJI GO app.


DJI Battery Station for TB50 Intelligent Batteries
BH: $1,499

Key Features
For TB50 Batteries
Charges Up to Eight Batteries
Multiple Charging Ports
USB Ports
Built Within Case with Wheels

The Battery Station from DJI is an all-in-one solution for battery charging, storage, and transportation. This battery station can charge up to eight TB50 batteries simultaneously. In addition, it can charge other devices including the Inspire 2 remote controller and WB37 intelligent battery via multiple charging ports. Mobile devices can be charged via the USB ports. This battery station is built within a case that can store up to 12 TB50 intelligent batteries, two WB37 intelligent batteries, and one WCH2 charging hub. The case features wheels for traveling.

Comprehensive Charging
This battery station provides vital information about your batteries to ensure proper management. When a TB50 intelligent battery is attached, its current firmware version will display on the station’s LCD screen. When connected to a computer via USB cable, the battery station can update up to eight batteries to their latest firmware version through Assistant 2 on the computer (applies to the WB37 Intelligent Battery).

Multiple Charging Modes
The DJI battery station uses three charging modes including normal, quick, and silent. In the normal mode, eight connected TB50 intelligent batteries can be charged simultaneously until they are all fully charged. In the quick mode, the four TB50 intelligent batteries with the highest battery level in the same group will be charged to 90% in 35 minutes. This option is useful for urgent use. In silent mode the charging speed is lowered to provide a quieter process for evening charges or when limited noise is permitted on set.

Quick and Simple Discharging
The discharge mode will bring batteries to 25% for transportation and 50% for storage. This improves battery maintenance to lengthen the life of your batteries.

Sophisticated Design for Safety and Reliability
A built-in cooling fan dissipates heat during charging. Overheating detection monitors the battery temperature in real time to make sure that every battery stays within a safe range. If overheating is detected, the battery station will automatically cancel charging and discharging to avoid any safety hazards. This battery station is constructed of a plastic that meets USA UL94 V-0 flammability standards.


2 – Hoodman Drone Aviator Hood Kit for 9.7 – 10.5″ Tablets
BH: $49.99 ($99.98)

Key Features
Compatible with All 9.7″ iPads
Fits 2018 Models, iPad Air and Originals
Seals out External Light
Improves Outdoor Viewing
Enables Glare-Free Viewing
Allows for Touchscreen Access
Quick and Easy Installation

The Drone Aviator Hood Kit from Hoodman is compatible with all tablets with a 9.7 to 10.5″ diagonal display, including select iPad, Samsung Galaxy/Note/NOOK, and Amazon Fire models (please see below). This kit includes the HAV2 Aviator Hood and HAV2E Aviator Hood Extender. Together, these two devices mount on your tablet for improved outdoor viewing by sealing out external light to reduce glare and enhance visibility, all without hindering touchscreen access or functionality.

Hoodman HAV2 Drone Aviator Hood for 9.7-10.5″ Tablets
The HAV2 Drone Aviator Hood from Hoodman is compatible with all tablets with a 9.7-10.5″ diagonal display, including select iPad, Samsung Galaxy/Note/NOOK, and Amazon Fire models. It mounts to your tablet for improved outdoor viewing. The bottom panel of the Aviator Hood has a unique, pierceable feature designed to allow access to the touchscreen. The included adjustable mounting straps make hood mounting quick and easy.


DJI 180W Power Adapter for Inspire 2 Quadopter Flight Battery and Controller
BH: $69.00

Key Features
Charges Flight Battery in 1.5 Hours
Charges Controller in 2.5 Hours
Requires Separate AC Cable

The 180W Power Adapter from DJI charges your Inspire 2 remote controller and flight battery using AC power. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge an Inspire 2 Intelligent Flight Battery or 2.5 hours to charge an Inspire 2 remote controller. When charging both devices together, charging may take longer than 2.5 hours. A compatible AC cable is required (sold separately).

DJI Power Cord for Inspire 1 180W Rapid Charger
BH: $15.00

The Power Cord for Inspire 1 180W Rapid Charger from DJI features a North American-style three-prong grounded connector.


DJI Quick Release Propellers for Inspire 2 Quadcopter
BH: $15.00
Key Features
Set of Two Replacement Propellers

DJI’s Quick Release Propellers for the Inspire 2 quickly attach onto the copter and provide a strong thrust and well-balanced operation. One works clockwise and the other counterclockwise.


2nd DJI Charging Hub for Inspire 2 Quadcopter Intelligent Flight Batteries (2 total – 1 included with drone)
BH: $99.00

Key Features
Charge Up to 4 Batteries Simultaneously
Charges According to Power Levels
Micro-USB Port for Firmware Updates

This DJI Charging Hub is designed for use with the Inspire 2 battery charger. It charges up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries simultaneously. If batteries are not paired, the Charging Hub will intelligently charge batteries according to power levels from high to low. If batteries are paired, the pair with more stored power will charge first.

Note: The hub’s built-in micro-USB port is for firmware updates only.


DJI GPS Module for Inspire 2 Remote Controller
BH: $29.00

Key Features
GPS-Based Positioning Coordinates
Enables Home Points During ActiveTrack
Remote Control Positioning Information

This DJI GPS Module provides your Inspire 2 remote controller with accurate positioning coordinates, enabling the use of dynamic home points and offering remote controller positioning information during ActiveTrack.


4 – DJI Battery Insulation Stickers for Inspire 2 Flight Battery (2-Pack)
BH: $4.00/ea $16.00)

Key Features
For TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery
Keeps Battery Warm During Cold Weather
Two Stickers Included

Keep your Inspire 2 Intelligent Flight Battery warm during cold weather use with this pack of Battery Insulation Stickers from DJI. These stickers ensure the flight battery stays above 68 degrees, ensuring proper battery performance. Two stickers are included.


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